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But we are also a society that has witnessed what happens when those virtues are absolutized.

Collapse of the american mind

It is the great and unquenchable search for truth which leads students to read about history in the point of view of the defeated. Liberalism implies openness to other points of view, even it would seem those points of view whose success would destroy liberalism. Nielsen also criticizes the public school system for their poor level of reading and writing instruction, forcing colleges and universities to conduct remedial English classes Nielsen 9. People are given the freedom to disagree with any other person because they are both in search for truth. It is basically an anti-Western ideology. This is another effect of devaluation of cultural values and spirituality in the contemporary higher education and the total neglect of self-discovery. In fact, Bloom sounds bewildered by young people—and strangely out of touch with them. In both places the universities gave way under the pressure of mass movements, and did so in large measure because they thought those movements possessed a moral truth superior to any the university could provide. Moreover, students can get a deeper look into the essence of these documents and works of different authors. Benjamin David Steele Why not simply be honest in saying Paul Bloom had no clue what he was talking about? He implies that students no longer see the whole picture but instead, they are limited to their own fields of choice Nielsen This, too, won him the vitriol of the cultural Left, for whom the s was a political Golden Age.

Nielsen and Bloom would also presume that it is only through the study of liberal arts and classic literature that students can discover the truth. Bloom came down hard on rock because, like Plato, he understood the power of music to educate our emotions at the most basic level.

Alternatively hopeful, pessimistic, provocative, and troubling, yet always brilliant, Closing has lost none of its power or its relevance.

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Log in. The time is out of joint, Comrade, and we have to close ranks to set it right. Indignant anger has become a public passion. You may follow your custom. It is not about diluting the truth but it is an attempt to find converging paths toward the one same truth.

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Politicians, pundits, and the so-called cultural elite have assiduously absorbed that dogma, which they accept less as an argument about the way the world should be than as an affirmation of the essential virtue of their own feelings. The image provides a salutary reminder that human virtue is not simply natural but requires the artifice of education, which is at least as important and as difficult as the construction of a Gothic cathedral. In the university, this means classes devoted to pop novels, rock videos, and third-rate works chosen simply because their authors are members of the requisite sex, ethnic group, or social minority. The anathema brought down upon Bloom was a veritable thesaurus of politically correct epithets, partly alarming but also partly comic. They say that student direct their lives according to principles which they find comfortable and that they no longer seek for absolute truths. It means students who graduate not having read Milton or Dante or Shakespeare—or, what is in some ways even worse, who have been taught to regard the works of such authors chiefly as hunting grounds for examples of patriarchy, homophobia, imperialism, etc. Oliver L. Snyder argues that books like Bloom's have inspired further conversations and controversies alike, such as controversy surrounding how history is taught in high schools, or the effectiveness of affirmative action or identity politics. He writes about students at Cornell University , that "these students discerned that their teachers did not really believe that freedom of thought was necessarily a good and useful thing, that they suspected that all this was ideology protecting the injustices of our 'system'". But the fact that rock has been domesticated and commercialized, that it is now big business and mass entertainment, does not change its essential character.
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The Closing of the American Mind Thirty Years Later: A Symposium