Online learning and the adult learner

Share5 Shares When it comes to learning, adults are not over sized children.

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You are worth putting yourself and your education at the top of your priority list. However, being away from formal learning and having to adapt to the online learning environment can be quite challenging even for the most motivated and intelligent students.

Georgia Tech prepares you for this. Big Picture. Critical reflection is a great online discussion activity. Georgia Tech Professional Education is a leader in innovative educational delivery, designed for working professionals in tech, business, and leadership. He advises conducting research before committing to a program of study. Know where to get technical support. Many adults prefer to learn by doing rather than listening to lectures. Her advice to others is to prioritize learning. Try to apply the content as soon as you can.

I also think the interaction should be required and graded so students are sure to do it. When you're in your virtual classroom, act like it.

When Najla Lewis, marketing manager, decided to take the project management certificate program at GTPE, she explored the financial options available to her.

It is a matter of professional survival. Plan regular periods throughout the week for your coursework. Stay in touch with your professors, use discussion boards, and join a study group. Be sure to attend office hours, face-to-face or online, to seek clarification or answers to questions you may have. Don't Overlook Family and Work Matters Don't forget to communicate and collaborate with your employer and family. Plan to study two hours weekly per credit. He advises conducting research before committing to a program of study. Workplace training is often part of an initiative that involves change. Learning in small bursts is easier than a long session.

They prefer to partake in learning activities that help them reach their goals. This reputation can lead working professionals in non-technical fields to wonder is they are able to succeed in our programs.

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Chris Walker, assistant director of marketing, found that deciding whether training would truly benefit him to be one of his primary concerns. Plan regular periods throughout the week for your coursework. Lighten your load by arranging in advance to reduce work responsibilities or share housework.

Online learning and the adult learner
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11 Tips to Engage and Inspire Adult Learners