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The worst affected are photojournalists and cameramen who work in dangerous circumstances on meagre salaries. With declining influence of newspapers, popular anchors have come to dominate the airwaves in Pakistan.

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Another factor behind the current problems has to do with Medialogic, a Lahore-based company, which gathers viewer data to compile media ratings. Ltd and PLD Publishers.

AP Archive Pakistan is negotiating a bailout with the International Monetary Fund to avert a balance of payments crisis. Situation is really bad elsewhere. She added: "This is another level, kudos to this man.

AP Archive Officials say that past governments have propped up friendly media groups with heavy subsidies for favorable coverage — something that is no longer happening.

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The Express Tribune launched just a few years ago has fired most of its reporters. User agrees to make an advance quarterly or yearly payment according to the prevailing tariff to Oratier Technologies Pvt. That boom was one of the positive outcomes of the country's growing economy, as big corporate houses and multinationals began to spend large sums on newspaper and television advertisements. User represents that he or she is authorized to use Pakistanlawsite and User agrees to not share his or her password with anyone not authorized to use Pakistanlawsite. Twitter user Hassan Shah said it was "raising the bar" of journalism "to infinity and beyond". Share this article. Meanwhile, another user Priyanka Patel said Hussein's "dedication is beyond words". Rumi, the policy analyst, says there have been at least four high-profile cases where journalists known for their anti-government stance have been fired. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability: a. Raza Rumi, a Pakistani journalist and policy analyst, says there has been a major shift of advertisements from news to entertainment shows. Oratier Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Last month, the management of the Express Tribune, an English language newspaper in Pakistan, broke the news that every working journalist dreads. Blame-game Owners of the media groups have pointed fingers at the new government of Prime Minister Imran Khan for some of their troubles.

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Neither Oratier Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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