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Integrating demand forecasting into inventory management in this way also allows for the prediction of the "can fit" point when inventory storage is limited on a per-product basis. The automation of the sales and inventory transactions will be a big help to the company likewise to its personnel.

The primary optimal outcome is to have the same number of days worth of inventory on hand across all products so that the time of run out of all products would be simultaneous.

Less time and paper to PDF Sales and inventory system thesis documentation pdf sales and inventory system thesis documentation sample Obviously the present system is not is exception consultant encountering all the above problems.

With this, researchers were able to get ideas about possible features and functions of the proposed system.

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Free Sample Papers; Thesis Manually system changes into computerized system. It is difficult to found records due file management system.

While the processes of its sales and inventory are still on teh traditional bean counting process, several problems were identified by both the researchers and the company personnel.

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Inventory Management System Abstract Essay Example