A comparison of different views on euthanasia

Maija, pastor Euthanasia, death assistance … euthanasia means active action. Eur J Soc Psychol.

buddhist views on euthanasia

Opinions of a sample of Mexican physicians. The end of life decisions — should physicians aid their patients in dying? Why not? Hill PC. General practitioner Niina said it would be very hard for her if euthanasia was permitted in Finland: Niina The Dutch have done it … I have discussed euthanasia with Dutch chief physicians.

The Local Bioethics Committees at Poznan and Lodz Medical Universities waived the need for the approval of the study protocol as the questionnaire survey did not concern patients.

religious arguments for euthanasia

Age, health status, liberalism and religiosity were entered as continuous variables, and the remaining variables were dummy-coded.

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Euthanasia Country Comparison